About The Shakespeare Hospice

We are an award-winning hospice and one of the largest independent day hospice in the West Midlands, offering an diverse range of services to out patients, their families and carers across South Warwickshire and the North Cotswolds.

What we do

We support over 1,000 adults and young people from South Warwickshire and the North Cotswolds who access one or more of our specialised services:
  • Day Hospice
  • Hospice at Home
  • Counselling for pre and post bereavement support for adults
  • Support for families and children affected by bereavement or caring for someone with a life limiting illness
  • Transitional Care for 16-24 year olds
  • Support for Young Carers
  • Spiritual, emotional and complementary therapies
We are often asked why we don't have in-patient beds. We made a conscious decision to invest in a robust 24/7 Hospice at Home service because being at home is, for many, where they want their end of life care to be provided.
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Why we need your help

All of our services are free at the point of delivery but they are not free to provide.
The growth in our service is rapidly outgrowing available funds. The changes in the population's needs are also becoming more complex. This year our services will £2.4million. We receive an 11% contribution from the NHS compared to the average 30% received by some other hospices. This means we rely heavily on the generosity of those in our community to generate the remaining almost 90%, through fundraising activities and retail outlets - such as our Online Shop.
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